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Sadie J. - Videographer
“From event recaps to social media campaigns, I create videos that help businesses sell. With uberTalent, I’ve worked with clients all over the world!”
Jonas F. - Business Consultant
“I love using my expertise to help companies grow. Through uberTalent, I’ve connected with many entrepreneurs and guided them to achieve their business goals.”
Henry M. - Tax Professional
“Most founders don’t have the time or expertise to handle their taxes. I help them create a plan to keep their taxes in order and minimize their liability at the end of the year.”
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With uberTalent, you gain access to top-notch resources to move your career forward.
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Designed for first-year freelancers, this tool is key to make sure you cover expenses and set the foundation for success.
It includes valuable tips to take you from moonlighting to full-time freelancing.

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Everyone is a sales person. But not everyone knows how to sell. We show you how to get those dream projects that you’re ready to tackle.
Our proven process highlights your skills, closes sales, and sets you up for success.

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