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Going Solo: Year 1 Financial Plan

A worksheet to make sure you cover your expenses in the first year of freelancing. Hints and tips to go from moonlighting to full-time freelance.

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What's Your Sales Plan?

Everybody is a sales person. You get to see a proven process for getting projects, closing sales, and kicking-off projects for success.

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What's Your Ideal Client?

Spend time finding the right clients that match your ideal remote and office culture. A brief survey to help match your needs for meaningful work.

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Jonas G. - Senior Developer
"My experience so far has been amazing !! I continue to stay busy in todays market with companies that appreciate my ideas and expertise."
Alex Muller
“The team at uberTalent screens for good projects so you can avoid the garbage projects that are all over the web. I’ve enjoyed working their clients for part-time and full-time contracts where I could set my rate. ”
Todd B., Software Investor
“uberTalent’s no-nonsense approach to hiring and scaling development teams is refreshing. No where else can you get high quality .NET candidates with fixed-fee pricing. There are no recruiter commissions and no contracts.”
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