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Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.


Growing and scaling your team? Our experts can help you through the process while building a talent pipeline for your team.

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Find the best tech. talent for your specific project. Access our global talent pool instead of sifting through CVs and endless resumes

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Meet the people that will execute your projects. From technical leads to junior engineering talent, you will find a good fit for your team.

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Our team offers 30 minute consultations at no cost for new or experienced hiring manager. Schedule a session today.

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A 15-part email course for hiring managers providing guidance, candidate screening tips, and best practices delivered to you over one week.

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Jonas G. - Senior Developer
"My experience so far has been amazing !! I continue to stay busy in todays market with companies that appreciate my ideas and expertise."
Alex Muller
“The team at uberTalent screens for good projects so you can avoid the garbage projects that are all over the web. I’ve enjoyed working their clients for part-time and full-time contracts where I could set my rate. ”
Todd B., Software Investor
“uberTalent’s no-nonsense approach to hiring and scaling development teams is refreshing. No where else can you get high quality .NET candidates with fixed-fee pricing. There are no recruiter commissions and no contracts.”

uberTalent Story

We have hired hundreds of developers over the last 15 years. During that time, our founder identified a method of hiring that helps new and experienced technical leaders hire the best talent for the team.

Source and connect to the talent you need to deliver your next project.